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Set up in as little as 12 minutes
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The Insta-Slalom Advantage
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Set up in as little as 12 minutes. Click link below for video.

Insta-Slalom 12 Minute Installation Video   



Insta-Slalom invented and perfected the telescoping booms. The compatibility of the PVC booms assures quick and easy use, while providing AWSA tournament level accuracy - Guaranteed! The snap buttons, which are used to telescope and lock the booms together are smooth, rounded, and easy to push. A printed line along the PVC booms makes it simple to align the buttons and holes for quick operation.  Other courses use incompatible PVC pipes, which can be loose or tight fitting, affecting accuracy, or causing the pipes to jam or bind; thus slowing deployment. Some courses use loose bolts or pins, which take more time and can be lost or dropped overboard.

Buoy Normal
(Built-in flotation in boom sections allow booms to float level and accurately underwater)

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Insta-Slalom invented the use of internal flotation in the PVC booms. This allows the booms to float level underwater, which prevents sagging, to insure accuracy. Without the internal flotation, the PVC pipe would sag in the middle causing the course to be narrow. It would also cause the boat path buoys to float uneven on the surface. The placement of the flotation inside of the booms allows the water to drain in and out of the pipe, preventing air pockets or trapping of water inside of booms.


Insta-Slalom buoy riser lines are constructed of durable, elastic shock cord and poly rope combination. The lines are designed to stretch when hit, to prevent damage to the course.


Insta-Slalom provides buoy ties as another safety feature, as well as for quickness. The ties are to be attached to the eye of the buoy to prevent damage to the buoy or the course by disengaging if struck or pulled with great force.


Insta-Slalom comes completely assembled, ready to use. Other portable slalom courses require the added expense and time of buying PVC pipe and tools to complete assembly yourself.  There are several options available to suit your needs. Buoys and anchors are optional. Everything is made of durable non-corrosive materials and will not rust or scratch your boat.

Simply attach an anchor to the mainline and lower overboard. Drive the boat forward unwinding the mainline. At the appropriate points, the telescoping boom sections are telescoped out with buoys snapped onto the riser lines and attached to the mainline. A short rope is released the anchor holds the course in perfect alignment. Everything is quick to connect, with no loose parts and no tools required.


Insta-Slalom's tournament level accuracy is maintained by using a heavy-duty polypropylene solid braid rope that has minimal stretch. Insta-Slalom has weighted the mainline at different intervals, for safety purposes. We guarantee the accuracy on the rope or stainless steel mainlines. Our poly mainline comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as free insurance - with which we will repair, free of charge, any damage done to your mainline while in use.


Insta-Slalom has an optional vinyl coated stainless steel mainline available. It is of the same design as the rope mainline, for the same quick and easy installation. We guarantee the accuracy on the rope or stainless steel mainlines. The stainless steel mainline also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Insta-Slalom invented a quick connect stationary loop that is made to the exact diameter of the PVC booms, to connect the mainline to the telescoping booms. You simply slip the loops onto each end of the booms. The loops are placed in the proper position by stops, located on the booms, holding the booms in proper alignment. By using this foolproof system, it assures AWSA dimensional accuracy for the life of your course. These loops are permanently crimped using aluminum crimps. Some courses use plastic cable ties to manufacture their mainline loops. We use those same plastic ties (buoy ties) as a weak-link on our buoy lines as a safety feature to break easily. Others use snap hooks, eye bolts, or pins, which take much longer to install, and can be easily lost.

INSTA-SLALOM COMES EQUIPPED WITH ANCHOR LINE for use in 5' up to 40' of water. For use in over 40', we simply add more anchor line, which we will provide free upon request.


Insta-Slalom turn buoys can be narrowed by simply collapsing one or more sections of the telescoping booms for learning purposes - or 6 extra buoy lines can be snapped onto the regular 6 buoy course for novice skiers and tournament skiers to use simultaneously.

Novice Buoy
(Built-in flotation in boom sections allow booms to float level and accurately underwater)



The river current adapter is needed when using the course in rivers with a current. The double current adapter is for tidal currents flowing in both directions. The adapters are made of weighted polypropylene rope that is stored on a easy wind reel. It is easily connected to the slalom course after deployment.


We can custom build any slalom course to suit your need. Let us know what you need and how we can help. We also do custom work at the time of purchase on our standard courses. We can make buoy lines custom lengths, make 6/4 conversion courses, or add additional anchor line for deeper water, all at no extra charge.


Insta-Slalom is a full time company, not a side line business. We pride ourselves on our customer service, before and after the sale. Whether you have questions about the Insta-Slalom course before you purchase, or need technical advice after, we can be reached 24 hours, 7 days a week via phone, fax, or Email.


CALL NOW! 1-800-723-4453
USA and Canada

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